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Edmonton's north sector falls between 142 Street to the west, Sturgeon County including CFB Edmonton to the north, 66 Street to the east and 137 Avenue. 

Castle Downs

Castle Downs is located in the central portion of Edmonton's north sector. The following 11 neighbourhoods comprise Castle Downs: Baranow, Baturyn, Beaumaris, Caenarvon, Canossa, Carlisle, Chambery, Dunluce, Elsinore, Lorelei, Rapperswill.

Lake District

Lake District, is located in the eastern portion of Edmonton's north sector. It's neighbourhoods are: Belle Rive, Crystallina Nera, Crystallina Nera East, Eaux Claires, Klarvatten, Lago Lindo, Mayliewan, Ozerna, Schonsee.

The Palisades

The Palisades is located in the western portion of Edmonton's north sector. It has six neighbourhoods, they are as follows: Albany, Carlton, Cumberland, Hudson, Oxford, Pembina.

Other Areas

Goodridge Corners and Griesbach.

The northwest sector is generally consist of the area between 111 Avenue and Mayfield Road to the southeast, Stony Plain Road (Highway 16A) to the south, 231 Street (Parkland County) to the west, and Big Lake (Sturgeon County) and the City of St. Albert to the north. Its eastern boundary is formed by portions of 142 Street, a Canadian National (CN) rail line, Mark Messier Trail (Highway 2) and Yellowhead Trail (Highway 16).

Big Lake

Big Lake is located in the northwest sector of the suburbs. Many of these neighbourhoods are new build communities. They are: Hawks Ridge, Kinglet Gardens, Pintail Landing, Starling, Trupeter. Westview Village is a very secluded neighbourhood within this region.


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